National Conference on ‘Rebuilding Nepal: Protecting and Promoting the Rights of the Affected Communities/Barpak Conference'



National level conference on ‘Rebuilding Nepal: Protecting and Promoting the Rights of the Affected Communities’ (Barpak Conference) was organized by HAMI together with Nepal Federation of National Journalist, Gorkha chapter and District Disaster Relief Committee (DDRC) Gorkha in collaboration with Himalayan Conservation Group (HCG), CSRC, National Network of Disaster Management Committees (NCDMC) and Oxfam at Barpak, Gorkha. It was symbolic conference organized at epicenter to reinforce Nepal’s commitment to build back better after the devastating earthquake to the national and global audience. Parliamentarians, representing three major political parties, political leaders, civil society leaders, human rights activities, dalit activists, development experts and district based administrators, representatives of NGOs and INGOs jointly passed the 11-point Barpak declaration, calling for the need to accelerate reconstruction. Different stakeholders expressed solidarity to accelerate the reconstruction work during the conference. The conference helped to listen to the grievances of people and other stakeholders for the revival of the affected area.